Picturesque Antiquity

Got recommended to visit a lovely place at Perniö: Säterin Antiikki. Well, those recommendations were worth listening: It took less than an hour’s drive from Lillan and there was really a treasure in the end of that rainbow. (Do click the pictures to see them larger – things in them are worth it!)

The charming attic of a barn house renovated into the antique sales use intrigued my imagination. So captivating – you could almost hear the stories these old items had to tell.

Wonderful, old things, beautifully displayed. The prices weren’t that bad, either. What enthralled me most was the history even the smallest things indirectly hinted. For instance the old pharmacy tags. Colic drops, sure. But a white potion? And dysentery drops. World has changed and these relics of the past tell it best.

The charming old couple living in the Lintilä mansion were kind enough to tell me about the history of the estate. It goes back to the beginning of the 1600th century. At year 1510 the first owner of (then written) Lindilä, Klaus Henrik’s son, gave it to his widowed relative Cecilia Jakob’s daughter. Noblemans, Coronels and other vivid persons entwined in the history, almost like from a fairytale. You can sense that long lane there.

Went in the steeper route but came back the easier way. (And yes, surely had my mini assistant trio along. After all, we even had a swimming dip nearby, wonderful little lake hinted by the owners. My firstborn was kind enough to lend his helping hand with the footage.)

We got a tour on the estates. The chapel on the premise is an old granary renovated.

And the garden of the mansion then, oh my. Old flora, beautifully taken care of.

No wonder there had been a lot of visitors at the open gardens’ day.

Wanted of course something as a memento to Lillan as well. Got intrigued by the old graphic prints from the 1900th century. Especially one by William Henry Bartlett called me. I know it says Cove Harbour but I always read it as ‘Love Harbour’. What could better fit Lillan?

But the picture looked a bit lonely on the wall. So I companied it with the front leaf of and old steal industry magazine found from the Lillan attic.


I love the idea that when looked from a right perspective, they both are again connected with the ocean. The boy catching fish from 1958 and the Port De Cove from 1859.

And they both suite quite well the Master Bedroom atmosphere as well, don’t you think?

Thank you Säterin Antiikki, Liisa and Sakari. We’ll come back, definitely.


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