Sort & Recycle

We all want our planet to prosper for our children and grandchildren. There’s no need to go any deeper to that, I presume.

The big carbage bin of Lillan is emptied fortnightly, on uneven weeks’ Mondays. It can become quite full if you stash all your unneeded things there.

There is a recycle centre in the beginning of Strandvägen, on a sandplan. There you can ditch your carbon, paper, glass and metal waste.

In Finland, most of the bottles, even the plastic ones, as well as cans, come with a collateral fee. That will be paid back to you when you return them, to a spesific recycle machine that is found in every grocery store. So it pays off, even in money, to recycle them. Not to mention good conscience.

Some of the Lillaneers have been asking for recycling containers in Lillan. Since the amount of waste by guests in particular is quite hard to evaluate (we all have so different consuming styles), I strongly recommend you to collect your bottles, metal, glass, carbon and paper waste into different bags and drop them to their own recycling places and bins before you leave Lillan.

You can help to save our planet. Even one litter can make the difference.

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