About Acaridae

The pictures of those tiny ticks are somewhat repelling so did not want to set one as a header image. Using these old pics of mine from lovely Högsåra island instead. No hearts in this headline, though. Borreliosis or tick-borne encephalitis are no laughing matter.

I’ve got several questions about whether there are Acaridae at Kimito Islands. Here you can see where they’ve found in year 2014. So yes, there are here too.

There are lots of hints how to avoid tick bites. Common sense is the best protector: if you stroll in a dense, long grass, it is good to check you and especially children quite soon for any ticks. Where would those mites endulge? Then avoid or be cautious in such places.

I’ve lived in Lillan for several years with my children and explored the archipelago quite thoroughly. Never ever have we even had a tick on us, not to mention having a tick bite.

Obviously, better safe than sorry. We’ve got vaccinated against TBE and check for ticks. But not hysterically. We live and enjoy normally, no mite panic included.

I cannot guarantee you 100% tick-free stay. Hope I could. But for all those years we’ve lived here, nada, never. I can only wish you the same.

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