A house by the sea shore?

The title on the Lillan home page, "little house on the ocean shore" has brought up some discussion.

Many of my very well English speaking friends have told me the Baltic Sea to be a sea, not an ocean.

They have also noticed that since Lillan is not located directly on the shore, I should use BY instead. To tell the massive 40 meters distance from the shore.

I know my English is not always impeccable. Thus I truly appreciate all comments to improve my language and to use the correct words.

But about the subject line. I have thought it through, even very much so.

I know the view you have from Lillan is definitely not an ocean one, hardly even sea since there are so many islands on the archipelago area.

But still. It is water connected to all oceans of this globe. I love the idea that by the tiny sea in front of Lillan you can have access to any continent of our world.

Once I had this dream I took off from Lillan shore with a beautiful wooden sailing boat to visit the world's most wonderful place. It was almost at the other side of the globe. Maybe that dream can fulfill some day.

About the preposition then. Lillan was set on its nowadays place year 1730 when it was relocated from the island Hitis where it was built some tens of years before.

At year 1730 it was ON a sea shore. In those almost 300 years the land has arisen (yes, ice age effects here still) and there has even been some landfill in front of Lillan. Thus today the more correct preposition would be by.

Lillan's official name is Lilla Strandbyggnaden, the small beach building. Because then it was at the beach.

Somehow I just wanted the history of the house to show even on the headlines. I truly apologize if someone feels therefore being mislead.

So. For me, Lillan is truly a house on the ocean shore ❤

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