Lillan goes Asia

Greetings to all my dear Asian friends and Lillaneers want-to-becomes!

I want to make myself easily approachable. So, finding new and adjusting old channels to reach you and to be reached.

For Chinese: I know Weibo is the thing for you! But, unfortunately, I cannot make an account there because I only have Finnish phone number. So, instead, I made the second best option: WeChat. My ID there is LillanHousing. Welcome to message me anytime! But please remember, I cannot kanji. Except for these:



🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

And to my dear Japanese friends: I learned you like system called co-Trip. So, tripping and tip-tapping myself through your hiragana and katagana, here I am!


Please come, follow and like #LillanHousing in co-Trip! Hope to hear from you soon, 友達 さま! ❤

What I heard was that Koreans love to read information of places worth visiting from blogs. So, Lillan already has a blog in English. Hope to hear from you soon! And for you to find it and to know you are most welcome here, a hashtag specially for you:


And for my dear Taiwanese: I learned you like to search info and look things especially from Instagram. So, now, finally Lillan has its own Instagram account

And for all of you, of course Lillan is also in Facebook ❤ Come to say hello!

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