Availability & Booking

Calendar has all confirmed bookings marked.

  1. Choose your favourite period
  2. Check its availability
  3. Pay your booking fee (unless you are VIP Lillaneer)

I’ll reserve your period from the calendar and get back to you asap.

Warmly welcome to Lillan! ❤

Minimum rental period 2 nights, maximum 4 weeks.
No fixed starting day, feel free to choose the period suites you best.

Book for a week, get 7. day free.

Book for two weeks, get 13. & 14. day free.

Fee includes

  • free use of the house and its properties, electricity, water.
  • Linen and towels set per guest, beds readymade.

Lillaneers 10% discount

You can also book for year 2019. Only two weeks bookings at the moment.

You can send your booking request

Booking form

Sunrise from Lillan frontyard

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