Loving getting Feedback

My dear Lillaneers are sweet and give a lot of feedback of their stay. It is always wonderful to read how well all has gone but also the improvement ideas are read thoroughly, since I’m striving to improve my service, all the time, all the ways.

Do you want to know what previous guests, already starred as Lillaneers, thought of their visit?

You can read Lillan Guestbook here.

I try to keep it up-to-date with the feedback given but sometimes it takes a bit time before I can update it. Don’t let that bother you – just keep on giving me feedback. I definitely read everyone of them and let their influence sink on me. Either to give that lovely warm feeling in my heart or to storm into action by a great idea. Nevertheless:

Your feedback is important and loved.

Thank you for giving me feedback, dear Lillaneers! ❤


Your Favourite View to a Postcard!

In Lillan there are always postcards to send your greetings from Lillan ❤ The old ones are running out. It’s time to order new ones.

Which one is your favourite?

Pick one and send your answer.
You can win a free weekend at Lillan!

One available two-nights will be lotted among those who have filled in their contact info.

Choose your favourite and send your answer!
Good luck ❤

World’s Best Air

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the air quality in Finland is the best in the world.


That is something one can totally relate on. Easy to breathe. Easy to fill your lungs with. Easy to enjoy.

Altogether the WHO compiled fine particulate measurement data from its database of more than 4 000 cities in 108 countries.

You can read the whole article from here.


And Lillan has got some special feedback of its fresh air, as well. Old log ceilings, wooden structure, stones at its feet. Nothing artificial. The house at its purest.

Welcome to enjoy Finland and Lillan. The nest of fresh air ❤


Light Dining

The part of the livingroom with the dinner table could be a bit murky, especially during winter times. So I purchased a suitable floor lamp there.

Now you can have more light if you choose to. Or, just enjoy the chandelier and other lights according to your wishes ❤

The lamp suites quite beautifully to Lillan interior. And what’s best, it’s easy to move. So for those of you wonderful Lillaneers who have been missing to have a reading lamp by the sofa, here’s the one for you!

Just tug gently and you have even more light at Lillan ❤

It’s all about the details (she wrote)


I had just a wonderful family as guests at Lillan. Polite, friendly, respectful, tidy, trustworthy. All the aspects one just could hope for guests to have.

Mother of the family is an interior designer. When I heard of this, got a bit afraid. Would she like Lillan? Surely I do but I’m not official interior designer by education, even though I love it both as a hobby and as a profession.

She asked if she could write a blog post of their stay. Gulp. A moment of truth. What would she say? Would she judge my uneducated interior decisions? And then tell that to all the world! Oh my. Why of course, I whispered.

No need for my fear, after all. She wrote about “Charming summer villa Lillan” as her first Airbnb experience (post in Finnish). Briefly about Dalsbruk’s and Lillan’s history, then about  clean, fresh and calm atmosphere of Lillan.

Perfect holiday; serene feeling and fragrance of ocean.

Even my interior and renovation solutions got exalted. As I appreciate Lillan so much, real materials are a must to prove my honor for the long history of the house.

Lots of nice interior design ideas could be found in the house. I think the self-made bunk bed is just charming. — And the light toned bedroom is like gauzy breeze with its feather lamp and dragon tree.

And the praise continues. And continues. Even my self-made pregnant woman’s torso got mentioned. “Brilliant combination.” “Nice detail”. “Looks wonderful.” Oh sweet joy, I’m floating in the clouds of happiness.

The family had also visited Söderlångvik Mansion and some other Dalsbruk must-sees. Thank you SO much Ullamaija! ❤

PS. Lillan is well fit also for winter – hence not only a summer villa. Many generations have lived there all year round – including mine. So welcome, at autumn, winter and spring as well!



Sort & Recycle

We all want our planet to prosper for our children and grandchildren. There’s no need to go any deeper to that, I presume.

The big carbage bin of Lillan is emptied fortnightly, on uneven weeks’ Mondays. It can become quite full if you stash all your unneeded things there.

There is a recycle centre in the beginning of Strandvägen, on a sandplan. There you can ditch your carbon, paper, glass and metal waste.

In Finland, most of the bottles, even the plastic ones, as well as cans, come with a collateral fee. That will be paid back to you when you return them, to a spesific recycle machine that is found in every grocery store. So it pays off, even in money, to recycle them. Not to mention good conscience.

Some of the Lillaneers have been asking for recycling containers in Lillan. Since the amount of waste by guests in particular is quite hard to evaluate (we all have so different consuming styles), I strongly recommend you to collect your bottles, metal, glass, carbon and paper waste into different bags and drop them to their own recycling places and bins before you leave Lillan.

You can help to save our planet. Even one litter can make the difference.

Dreams Coming True

I always encourage Lillaneers to tell their ideas, wishes and ideas how to develope Lillan and its services even better.

The brand new potato brush placed in the basin closet.
During the last weeks I’ve had requests from a potato brush to sunnier weather. Some of the wishes are easily fulfilled and I do my best even to negotiate with the weather guys.

My highest hope is that your stay at Lillan is pleasant. That you and your loved ones truly enjoy.

I appreciate any wishes and development ideas you have and give. Thank you for helping me to make things even more perfect at Lillan!

There have already been done a lot of changes and improvements according to the greetings I’ve got. Take the dining table, for instance. I made it from an old door to fit Lillan style but the idea to get a larger table came from a lovely Lillaneer.

Some of the wishes I can fulfill (almost) instantly, others take a bit more time. But rest assured, they are all taken into consideration and will come to my to do -list.

You can give your feedback and ideas via email or for instance by writing it here and sending it to me. I’ll make my best to fulfill your wishes ❤

Steps to become a Lillaneer

As a guest of Lillan, you rank as Lillaneer. You are entitled to

  • Hear the latest news, changes and greetings from Lillan
  • Have special benefits only for Lillaneers
  • Discount of 10% to your future visits at Lillan.

If you treat Lillan exceptionally nicely and are an exemplary guest, you might become a VIP Lillaneer. As a VIP Lillaneer you

  • Get all the benefits mentioned above
  • You have a possibility to pre-book before other guests
  • You have more flexible arrival and departure times
  • Other benefits designed specially for VIP Lillaneers.

Became a guest some other way than via Lillan homepage? To list you as a Lillaneer I need your email adress. Please send it here:

You are very welcome to Lillan – again and again!

Sparkling clean

In the house rules of Lillan it says: “Clean carefully after you – Lillan was sparkling clean when you arrived. Or buy after cleaning.” Well. Cleaning is quite a delicate, opinion-arousing matter so here is my hopefully diplomatic enough answer to many questions I’ve received about this sparkliness thingie.

If there is something not-that-sparkling when you arrive, please let me know. I personally do my best to ensure everything is tidy, neat and sparkling clean. But due to my non-robot nature, I may have missed a spot. I’d love to be noticed in such a case to be able to serve you better.

We all have different concepts for levels of cleanliness and tidiness. I totally accept this. But I myself want to ensure a certain, sparkly level at Lillan and check everything. Tableware, linen and other paraphernalia. I ensure the tidiness and cleanliness. To have it all as welcoming as possible.

Remember: it’s totally ok to buy the after cleaning! Please, inform me about it beforehand if only possible. This way I can reserve more time for me to do proper cleanse. Most of the guests buying the after cleaning do still some of the tidying themselves – I’ll charge only the time spent on my work so it pays off.

In general guests say they want to clean after themselves. If it takes me abnormally long time to clean after you, id est, there is A LOT of mess or if it’s clear you haven’t even tried to clean after you, I might add to the final invoice some charge about the cleaning even if you haven’t ordered after cleaning.

There are also some hectic changes between guests: you leave at AM, next guests arrive at PM. I have not much time to operate there so I try to prepare most of needed things beforehand. Thus, I am truly thankful and respect your effort if and when you help me with this.

As a Lillan guest you rank as a Lillaneer. According to how you treat Lillan, you might rank as a VIP Lillaneer. Obviously, as VIP, you get VIP benefits ❤

One of the guests (nowadays a VIP one) asked me for the cleaning instructions of Lillan. We spoke them through and all went more than well, excellent even. The guest also gave exalting feedback of their stay so obviously the discussion did not lower her assessment of their holiday, quite vice versa.

So, for your avail, here are some general guidelines:


If something breaks, please do tell me asap. Then I have the possibility to try to replace it before next guests arrive.

If you keep fire in the fireplace, clean the ashes the next day. The ash bin is in the bathroom closet. You can empty the ashes to the compost behind the woodshed (be sure the ashes not to be even warm.) And I appreciate also you telling me how many bunches of firewood you’ve used I can ensure next guests have also their share.

Clean the dishes. The dishwasher is small but efficient: use the intensive wash program and only half of the washing tablet (washer uses so little water that it doesn’t wash so well if there is a whole tablet). Put the tableware back to their places when they are ready. Handwash at least the wooden accessories. Dishwash soap is in the white pump dispenser by the sink, kitchen towels in the sink closet.

Take the linen away from the beds. (I’ll set new sets for the next guests anyway, no matter how neatly you would have made the beds.) Collect them all in one pile with the used towels. (There is a laundry basket above the washing machine, behind slide mirror doors in the second bedroom downstairs.) Please check also the bed, blankets and pillows for stains.

Shake the carpets and rugs outside. Vacuum-clean the house. There comes quite amazingly much dust even at one night’s stay, especially if there are many of you. The vacuum-cleaner and the feather duster are behind the light-blue curtain in the first bedroom downstairs. Nota bene: the vacuum cleaner has no dust bag but a container you can empty when you are ready.

Wipe tables and other surfaces, also tiles. Dust or wet-wipe depending the need. There are cleaning cloths in the kitchen sink closet. If you see a spot, clean it. If there comes a stain on the carpet, try to clean it. If you can’t get it clean, place the carpet on the laundry pile – do not just turn it over. (Oh boy have I seen all sorts of solutions.)

There is a general washing soap (liquid pine soft soap), toilet cleaning cloths as well as a pail in the bathroom closet and the toilet brush next to the seat.

Empty the trash bins in the kitchen and in the bathroom into the big trash container near the post box by the driveway.

This all, and a lot more, I check (and do) before your arrival to ensure you have sparkling and tidy Lillan welcoming you for a wonderful holiday ❤