Midsummer at Lillan

I got a message from the Midsummer Lillaneers. Feedback and pictures for free use😊

“Heippa, kirjoitin vielä kiitokset Lillanin seinälle, mutta näköjään kuvien liittäminen ei onnistunut. Tässä muutama, saa käyttää vapaasti jos haluat 😊 Ihastuimme kovasti Lillaniin ja suosittelemme sitä varmasti kaikille!”

Thank you and welcome again❤️

Roses are red..

Or white. As the midsummer roses already full bloom at Lillan garden❤️

White used to be also the color of the chairs at the breakfast table on the eastern porch. Now they are changed to red, more sea weather proof versions❤️


Waiting for the guests to arrive. After a long dry period finally some rain. First, far away by the ocean, then finally pouring over Lillan as well. And after the heavy rain, lovely sight again.


  The greenhouse path is blooming ❤️  (maybe should be cut but could not dare. It is so lovely!)

Made the previous final check with my children. Did not notice until today these writings my daughter had left:

 (No translation needed❤️) and:

 Friendship and love (mispelled – should be with two k’s). Totally capturing Lillan atmosphere. Could not have said it any better.

For child Lillaneers

Did you know that there is a highchair for child gourmet fans at Lillan?

 And the chair is a convertible one: easy to change to private drawing etc desk-with-chair-included. Does have wheels😊 to have fun!

 Oh and by the by: fresh sand in the sandbox of Lillan garden!


The garden of Lillan is blooming!

 Even strawberries and rhubarbs are growing eagerly.

 The breakfast table is on a terrace where sun sets its first beams…

 …Because the hammock is back on its place after winter. Summer is here!

Tour de Lillan part 1: the Garden

Welcome to Lillan! View from Strandvägen (Beach Road) that follows the Dalsbruk coast line:

On the porch there is a hammock to enjoy lovely day and the sea view❤️

On the other side of the entrance there is a small table to enjoy morning sun, maybe with coffee and some breakfast. Or just be and live life to the fullest. 
The main yard has a dining table, grill and of course the sea view😊  Here and there are chairs to move around according to your wishes.

IMG_4334Compatible backyard is lovely, sunny place to grill or chill ❤

There is also a small play tent, children’s table and a tiny sand box (and of course some toys indoors waiting little users).


Behind the house is the wood shed and shadowy greeness. 

 The lilacs are now at their full blossom!  The roses are not quite there yet.. Not many days to open up!  The greenhouse is almost opposite to the entrance. Lovely place to enjoy dark evenings in the candle light or to muse oneself with a good book listening to a light summer rain.  Then: welcome in! (Continues in the next post😊)