About Acaridae

The pictures of those tiny ticks are somewhat repelling so did not want to set one as a header image. Using these old pics of mine from lovely Högsåra island instead. No hearts in this headline, though. Borreliosis or tick-borne encephalitis are no laughing matter.

I’ve got several questions about whether there are Acaridae at Kimito Islands. Here you can see where they’ve found in year 2014. So yes, there are here too.

There are lots of hints how to avoid tick bites. Common sense is the best protector: if you stroll in a dense, long grass, it is good to check you and especially children quite soon for any ticks. Where would those mites endulge? Then avoid or be cautious in such places.

I’ve lived in Lillan for several years with my children and explored the archipelago quite thoroughly. Never ever have we even had a tick on us, not to mention having a tick bite.

Obviously, better safe than sorry. We’ve got vaccinated against TBE and check for ticks. But not hysterically. We live and enjoy normally, no mite panic included.

I cannot guarantee you 100% tick-free stay. Hope I could. But for all those years we’ve lived here, nada, never. I can only wish you the same.

Sparkling clean

In the house rules of Lillan it says: “Clean carefully after you – Lillan was sparkling clean when you arrived. Or buy after cleaning.” Well. Cleaning is quite a delicate, opinion-arousing matter so here is my hopefully diplomatic enough answer to many questions I’ve received about this sparkliness thingie.

If there is something not-that-sparkling when you arrive, please let me know. I personally do my best to ensure everything is tidy, neat and sparkling clean. But due to my non-robot nature, I may have missed a spot. I’d love to be noticed in such a case to be able to serve you better.

We all have different concepts for levels of cleanliness and tidiness. I totally accept this. But I myself want to ensure a certain, sparkly level at Lillan and check everything. Tableware, linen and other paraphernalia. I ensure the tidiness and cleanliness. To have it all as welcoming as possible.

Remember: it’s totally ok to buy the after cleaning! Please, inform me about it beforehand if only possible. This way I can reserve more time for me to do proper cleanse. Most of the guests buying the after cleaning do still some of the tidying themselves – I’ll charge only the time spent on my work so it pays off.

In general guests say they want to clean after themselves. If it takes me abnormally long time to clean after you, id est, there is A LOT of mess or if it’s clear you haven’t even tried to clean after you, I might add to the final invoice some charge about the cleaning even if you haven’t ordered after cleaning.

There are also some hectic changes between guests: you leave at AM, next guests arrive at PM. I have not much time to operate there so I try to prepare most of needed things beforehand. Thus, I am truly thankful and respect your effort if and when you help me with this.

As a Lillan guest you rank as a Lillaneer. According to how you treat Lillan, you might rank as a VIP Lillaneer. Obviously, as VIP, you get VIP benefits ❤

One of the guests (nowadays a VIP one) asked me for the cleaning instructions of Lillan. We spoke them through and all went more than well, excellent even. The guest also gave exalting feedback of their stay so obviously the discussion did not lower her assessment of their holiday, quite vice versa.

So, for your avail, here are some general guidelines:


If something breaks, please do tell me asap. Then I have the possibility to try to replace it before next guests arrive.

If you keep fire in the fireplace, clean the ashes the next day. The ash bin is in the bathroom closet. You can empty the ashes to the compost behind the woodshed (be sure the ashes not to be even warm.) And I appreciate also you telling me how many bunches of firewood you’ve used I can ensure next guests have also their share.

Clean the dishes. The dishwasher is small but efficient: use the intensive wash program and only half of the washing tablet (washer uses so little water that it doesn’t wash so well if there is a whole tablet). Put the tableware back to their places when they are ready. Handwash at least the wooden accessories. Dishwash soap is in the white pump dispenser by the sink, kitchen towels in the sink closet.

Take the linen away from the beds. (I’ll set new sets for the next guests anyway, no matter how neatly you would have made the beds.) Collect them all in one pile with the used towels. (There is a laundry basket above the washing machine, behind slide mirror doors in the second bedroom downstairs.) Please check also the bed, blankets and pillows for stains.

Shake the carpets and rugs outside. Vacuum-clean the house. There comes quite amazingly much dust even at one night’s stay, especially if there are many of you. The vacuum-cleaner and the feather duster are behind the light-blue curtain in the first bedroom downstairs. Nota bene: the vacuum cleaner has no dust bag but a container you can empty when you are ready.

Wipe tables and other surfaces, also tiles. Dust or wet-wipe depending the need. There are cleaning cloths in the kitchen sink closet. If you see a spot, clean it. If there comes a stain on the carpet, try to clean it. If you can’t get it clean, place the carpet on the laundry pile – do not just turn it over. (Oh boy have I seen all sorts of solutions.)

There is a general washing soap (liquid pine soft soap), toilet cleaning cloths as well as a pail in the bathroom closet and the toilet brush next to the seat.

Empty the trash bins in the kitchen and in the bathroom into the big trash container near the post box by the driveway.

This all, and a lot more, I check (and do) before your arrival to ensure you have sparkling and tidy Lillan welcoming you for a wonderful holiday ❤