Midsummer at Lillan

I got a message from the Midsummer Lillaneers. Feedback and pictures for free use😊 “Heippa, kirjoitin vielä kiitokset Lillanin seinälle, mutta näköjään kuvien liittäminen ei onnistunut. Tässä muutama, saa käyttää vapaasti jos haluat 😊 Ihastuimme kovasti Lillaniin ja suosittelemme sitä varmasti kaikille!” Thank you and welcome again❤️

Welcoming guests❤️

Napkin holder now has an honor to hold greeting cards.  Got these sweeeeet meringues from Rosala Handelsbod as a welcome gift to guests.  In a lovely evening sunshine they created quite a beautiful composition with the fresh flowers from Lillan garden❤️  At least I think the guests who arrived yesterday felt themselves welcome, they smiled … More Welcoming guests❤️

For child Lillaneers

Did you know that there is a highchair for child gourmet fans at Lillan?  And the chair is a convertible one: easy to change to private drawing etc desk-with-chair-included. Does have wheels😊 to have fun!  Oh and by the by: fresh sand in the sandbox of Lillan garden!


The kitchen of Lillan is small but efficient. Lots of light and good atmosphere. The cupboards are from 1930s ❤ and the dish board from Puustelli. The small table serves well for quick breakfast, baking desk, you name it.           The clock above the entrance deserves a closer look: it used to hang on the wall of … More Kitchen 

Welcome ❤️

I always get some little welcome greeting for the guests. Usually some flowers (preferably from own garden) and some local specialities – or at least bought nearby. Just love to give some extra special to make guests feel theirselves as welcome as they are❤️