Lillan as Dollhouse and 3D

I just love modern age best parts. Here’s definitely one: now you can visit Lillan as you would be walking through it and even to take a dollhouse view to get a bigger picture.

(Click the pictures to go to the presentation ❤ )

You can stroll through the house, take a closer look to any point or just go with the stream from one picture to another.

Näyttökuva 2017-07-21 kello 7.25.18


By choosing to view dollhouse,

You can see through Lillan, rotate the view horizontally and vertically and then have a closer look where you wish. Just crab the picture and move it wherever you want to see!

Choose the bedroom you want to sleep in, check the views from the windows or convince your loved ones Lillan is the number one place to stay, by using this wonderful presentation.

Thank you Kristian from Valoomo Oy, this just totally hit the spot!

Midsummer at Lillan

I got a message from the Midsummer Lillaneers. Feedback and pictures for free use😊

“Heippa, kirjoitin vielä kiitokset Lillanin seinälle, mutta näköjään kuvien liittäminen ei onnistunut. Tässä muutama, saa käyttää vapaasti jos haluat 😊 Ihastuimme kovasti Lillaniin ja suosittelemme sitä varmasti kaikille!”

Thank you and welcome again❤️

Welcoming guests❤️

Napkin holder now has an honor to hold greeting cards.

 Got these sweeeeet meringues from Rosala Handelsbod as a welcome gift to guests.

 In a lovely evening sunshine they created quite a beautiful composition with the fresh flowers from Lillan garden❤️

 At least I think the guests who arrived yesterday felt themselves welcome, they smiled a lot when they saw Lillan❤️

For child Lillaneers

Did you know that there is a highchair for child gourmet fans at Lillan?

 And the chair is a convertible one: easy to change to private drawing etc desk-with-chair-included. Does have wheels😊 to have fun!

 Oh and by the by: fresh sand in the sandbox of Lillan garden!


The kitchen of Lillan is small but efficient. Lots of light and good atmosphere. The cupboards are from 1930s ❤ and the dish board from Puustelli. The small table serves well for quick breakfast, baking desk, you name it.           The clock above the entrance deserves a closer look: it used to hang on the wall of the labour room in historical Turku labour hospital for decades, thus determing the birth time for hundreds of newborn babies! It has the most charming sound for its ticks and peals. I love it so!The sea can be seen also from the kitchen window ❤ The dishwasher, fridgerator, small freezer (larger in the downstairs bedroom if needed), oven and stove make cooking (and eating) a bliss. Of course there is also a microwave oven, a coffee machine, an electric kettle and several other indispensable kitchenware (or how could you make a proper dinner without for instance a waffle iron, a blender or a toaster? 🙂 )

There is a proper tableware for eight persons, does include also service dishes etc as well as the kitchen linen.             (A good Tivoli Audio radio of course 🙂 )    Bon appetit!

NB: Pics were taken when Lillan was still suited for 8pers. Now even more dishes etc to suit up to 10 persons 🙂


Welcome ❤️

I always get some little welcome greeting for the guests. Usually some flowers (preferably from own garden) and some local specialities – or at least bought nearby. Just love to give some extra special to make guests feel theirselves as welcome as they are❤️