Loving getting Feedback

My dear Lillaneers are sweet and give a lot of feedback of their stay. It is always wonderful to read how well all has gone but also the improvement ideas are read thoroughly, since I’m striving to improve my service, all the time, all the ways.

Do you want to know what previous guests, already starred as Lillaneers, thought of their visit?

You can read Lillan Guestbook here.

I try to keep it up-to-date with the feedback given but sometimes it takes a bit time before I can update it. Don’t let that bother you – just keep on giving me feedback. I definitely read everyone of them and let their influence sink on me. Either to give that lovely warm feeling in my heart or to storm into action by a great idea. Nevertheless:

Your feedback is important and loved.

Thank you for giving me feedback, dear Lillaneers! ❤


Your Information is Valued, Confidential, Protected and Safe

We all heard of letter combination GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation is EU’s way of ensuring we value and protect the confidential information given for us.

I want to give information to people who are interested in Lillan ❤ That means sending occasional email (normally quarter yearly) to Lillanees and want-to-be ones. The emails sent are only about Lillan news, providing discounts and reminders and information about Lillan.

Those who have inquired about Lillan via email but could not for instance fit their schedule to match Lillan’s available periods or those who have ordered Lillan Newsletter get their own message.

Those who are already familiar with Lillan and have stayed as my beloved guests get a little different email. Of course, since you already know how many ways Lillan can fill your needs and wishes, you stand a bit different ground. And, as a VIP Lillaneer, still slightly a different kind of a message ❤

So, here you go:

Register and Confidentiality Description of Cottage Rental Services – Lillan Housing, according to The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

The basis for Lillan Cottage Rental Services is to provide unique and charming leisure time in an old, atmospheric house near the sea shore. The time spent in Lillan itself and some of the services provided for vacation are chargeable. The informative emails sent about Lillan are free.

The information collected and stored are based to provide and refine the service given.

To read more, click here: Register and Confidentiality Description Lillan Housing

This description can be found also in the footer of every page at Lillan site ❤


Light Dining

The part of the livingroom with the dinner table could be a bit murky, especially during winter times. So I purchased a suitable floor lamp there.

Now you can have more light if you choose to. Or, just enjoy the chandelier and other lights according to your wishes ❤

The lamp suites quite beautifully to Lillan interior. And what’s best, it’s easy to move. So for those of you wonderful Lillaneers who have been missing to have a reading lamp by the sofa, here’s the one for you!

Just tug gently and you have even more light at Lillan ❤

Time to Step to the Booking Phase <3

Winter holidays, Easter and summer season are waiting. When do you want to enjoy your life with your beloved ones at Lillan?

Choose your favourite period and check its availability. Remember: the longer you stay, the less you pay. Maximum period for booking four weeks.

Pay your booking fee. I’ll reserve the dates for you and contact you for further details.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday at Lillan ❤

Warmly welcome to Lillan!

Lillan goes Asia

Greetings to all my dear Asian friends and Lillaneers want-to-becomes!

I want to make myself easily approachable. So, finding new and adjusting old channels to reach you and to be reached.

For Chinese: I know Weibo is the thing for you! But, unfortunately, I cannot make an account there because I only have Finnish phone number. So, instead, I made the second best option: WeChat. My ID there is LillanHousing. Welcome to message me anytime! But please remember, I cannot kanji. Except for these:



🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

And to my dear Japanese friends: I learned you like system called co-Trip. So, tripping and tip-tapping myself through your hiragana and katagana, here I am!


Please come, follow and like #LillanHousing in co-Trip! Hope to hear from you soon, 友達 さま! ❤

What I heard was that Koreans love to read information of places worth visiting from blogs. So, Lillan already has a blog in English. Hope to hear from you soon! And for you to find it and to know you are most welcome here, a hashtag specially for you:


And for my dear Taiwanese: I learned you like to search info and look things especially from Instagram. So, now, finally Lillan has its own Instagram account

And for all of you, of course Lillan is also in Facebook ❤ Come to say hello!

Easy Bookings


I want your stay at Lillan to be easy and comfortable. It starts already at the booking phase. All you need to do is

  1. Choose your favourite period of stay at Booking Calendar
  2. Check its availability
  3. Pay reservation fee*.

Easy does it!

I’ll reserve your period from the calendar and get back to you asap for your wishes and requests about your stay.

Warmly welcome to Lillan!

* for VIP Lillaneers no reservation fee. Just contact me directly

New Garden Furniture

The eastern part of Lillan is quite ideal for breakfast or brunch since it has the sun shining on it from the morning to noon. The old table was a bit shaky.


It was time to get new ones. By getting this set a bit out of the wall you can have six persons there sitting comfortably. The small stools are on the same hight as chairs and can be used for sitting nicely.

And since it is more or less autumn, the hammock is gone. I’ll still have to ponder if this is the best place for it – next spring you’ll see. But with strong, secure ropes, that much I can promise.


Lillan got this tiny, lovely porcelain jug from Lillaneers. It is so sweet! ❤ Thank you E. and friends, wonderful to see you soon again in Lillan!


Berries and Mushroom


In Finland we have this amazing thing called Everyman’s rights. It gives everyone right to enjoy the wonderful things nature is now full of. Berry season is in its full bloom and the forests provide tussocks of blueberries to indulge, swamps cloudberries. Strawberry season was a bit earlier, lingonberries and cranberries are almost ripe. And after the few heavy rains we’ve got now even mushrooms popping up. My utmost favourite is chanterelle, which one is yours?

It is totally wonderful that everyone can enjoy the Finnish beautiful, fresh and clean nature. As our environmental administration writes:

Public access rights, or so-called everyman’s rights, refer to the right of everyone in Finland to enjoy outdoor pursuits regardless of who owns or occupies an area. You do not need the landowner’s permission, and there is no charge. However, you must not damage the environment or disturb others while exercising public access rights.

The large areas of forests and fells and sparse population in Finland provide an excellent setting for exercising public access rights.

In a nutshell, do’s and don’ts listed:

You may

  • walk, ski or cycle in areas outside private gardens and land that is in a specific use (for example cultivated fields and plantations)
  • stay for a short period in any area where access is otherwise allowed (for example put up a tent, but not too close to people’s homes)
  • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • fish with a rod and line, and through a hole in the ice in wintertime
  • walk on the ice or boat.

You may not

  • disturb other people or damage the environment
  • disturb nesting birds or game
  • cut down or damage trees
  • collect moss, lichen, soil or wood
  • disturb the privacy of homes
  • litter
  • drive a motor vehicle off the road without the landowner’s permission
  • fish and hunt without the appropriate permits.

But the best part is that you don’t have to go any further than Lillan garden for berry delight if you don’t feel like it. There grows strawberries, rhubarb, blackcurrants, raspberries, cherries, wild plums and apples. And they are all available for Lillaneers as they ripe ❤

Today had my little assistant with me welcoming guests. As we waited, she hunted for the raspberry bush treasures.

Worth picking and eating, those raspberries, yummy!


Sort & Recycle

We all want our planet to prosper for our children and grandchildren. There’s no need to go any deeper to that, I presume.

The big carbage bin of Lillan is emptied fortnightly, on uneven weeks’ Mondays. It can become quite full if you stash all your unneeded things there.

There is a recycle centre in the beginning of Strandvägen, on a sandplan. There you can ditch your carbon, paper, glass and metal waste.

In Finland, most of the bottles, even the plastic ones, as well as cans, come with a collateral fee. That will be paid back to you when you return them, to a spesific recycle machine that is found in every grocery store. So it pays off, even in money, to recycle them. Not to mention good conscience.

Some of the Lillaneers have been asking for recycling containers in Lillan. Since the amount of waste by guests in particular is quite hard to evaluate (we all have so different consuming styles), I strongly recommend you to collect your bottles, metal, glass, carbon and paper waste into different bags and drop them to their own recycling places and bins before you leave Lillan.

You can help to save our planet. Even one litter can make the difference.

Dreams Coming True

I always encourage Lillaneers to tell their ideas, wishes and ideas how to develope Lillan and its services even better.

The brand new potato brush placed in the basin closet.
During the last weeks I’ve had requests from a potato brush to sunnier weather. Some of the wishes are easily fulfilled and I do my best even to negotiate with the weather guys.

My highest hope is that your stay at Lillan is pleasant. That you and your loved ones truly enjoy.

I appreciate any wishes and development ideas you have and give. Thank you for helping me to make things even more perfect at Lillan!

There have already been done a lot of changes and improvements according to the greetings I’ve got. Take the dining table, for instance. I made it from an old door to fit Lillan style but the idea to get a larger table came from a lovely Lillaneer.

Some of the wishes I can fulfill (almost) instantly, others take a bit more time. But rest assured, they are all taken into consideration and will come to my to do -list.

You can give your feedback and ideas via email or for instance by writing it here and sending it to me. I’ll make my best to fulfill your wishes ❤