New duvets

I really want to pamper all Lillan guests ❤ Making the beds ready with hand-ironed linen is part of that. The smooth linen is just so wonderful to cuddle in! And what’s in the linen then? Invested in these wonderful duvets and pillows ❤ They are warm, soft and have very smooth, almost like polished … More New duvets

Why do I ask?

You book your stay at Lillan. All goes well. Then, all of a sudden, you get an email from me with abysmal list of questions. How many of you will be coming? Adults, children? Doubles, singles? Ages, genders? Your estimated time of arrival? Your other wishes or questions about your stay? What is this? Am … More Why do I ask?

The Master Bedroom

I was certain I had written of the master bedroom already several times. In my dreams, it occurred, when a guest asked for pictures of it. So. Here it comes, finally. The master bedroom❤️ Upstairs, the best view to the sea.  Thus, it is the window above in this picture😊  In the room there is … More The Master Bedroom