New duvets

I really want to pamper all Lillan guests ❤

Making the beds ready with hand-ironed linen is part of that. The smooth linen is just so wonderful to cuddle in!

And what’s in the linen then? Invested in these wonderful duvets and pillows ❤

They are warm, soft and have very smooth, almost like polished surface.

They felt so wonderful when I took them out of their baggages!

Just can’t wait to set these ready for next guests ❤

Lillan as Dollhouse and 3D

I just love modern age best parts. Here’s definitely one: now you can visit Lillan as you would be walking through it and even to take a dollhouse view to get a bigger picture.

(Click the pictures to go to the presentation ❤ )

You can stroll through the house, take a closer look to any point or just go with the stream from one picture to another.

Näyttökuva 2017-07-21 kello 7.25.18


By choosing to view dollhouse,

You can see through Lillan, rotate the view horizontally and vertically and then have a closer look where you wish. Just crab the picture and move it wherever you want to see!

Choose the bedroom you want to sleep in, check the views from the windows or convince your loved ones Lillan is the number one place to stay, by using this wonderful presentation.

Thank you Kristian from Valoomo Oy, this just totally hit the spot!

Second Bedroom

The small room between the kitchen and the downstairs bedroom used to serve as an extra room for the spare beds. There is also the washing machine for laundry behind the mirror slide doors. But the amazing sea view from the windows intrigued me. (They had built small windows some hundreds of years ago because of the storms blasting from the ocean.)  An idea of a navy style bunk bed did not leave me in peace so I built it.

The upper bed can be lowered against the wall and the lower lifted away so the room can be used for various purposes according to need. Beds are approx of the size 60x180cm so there is a true bunk feeling!

The wonderful view that caused it…IMG_4578-0

…and how it finally become. How do you like it?


Ps. More “making of” here (in Finnish).