Boat & Bikes

Many of you have inquiried for a boat to rent during your stay at Lillan. Now you can!

At the end of the Strandvägen, in the beginning of Gropshagsvägen, you’ll find this sweet little boat to go explore the nearby archipelago. Ask for keys preferably before you start your stay at Lillan ☀️

These excellent bikes can be found by Ruukin Sauna. They belong to Carfield chain so you can rent the bikes from one station and leave them to another. Handy, don’t you think? Also available in children sizes!

Wonderful way to explore Kimito Islands. Did you know you can take a bike to a ferry here for free?

And as you have a bike renting time, don’t miss Ruukin sauna, it’s wonderful food, sauna or ice cream that is so delicious words are not enough ❤ Or taste the great coffees Kyösti serves you. My favourite is Latte Macchiato, how about yours?

Ps. If you want to take your toddlers to a bike ride, you can! Just contact Ville Laitinen / NaturEffect and he’ll rent you this convertible 🙂 Or book directly from here.

No Car Needed (nor Wings)


Did you know you can easily reach Lillan also by bus from Helsinki or Turku? The new timetables for bus routes have been published.

Näyttökuva 2018-5-22 kello 6.09.33
Timetable Helsinki – Dalsbruk – Helsinki
Näyttökuva 2018-5-22 kello 6.10.38
Timetable Turku – Dalsbruk- Turku

*update: even more bus lines for all keen and lovely Lillaneers available!

The bus stop is approximately 300 meters from Lillan. So, actually, you don’t need a car to visit Lillan!

And if you are not that keen to travel by bus, you can always come here by boat ❤







Warmly welcome to Lillan – any way you prefer! ❤

Your Information is Valued, Confidential, Protected and Safe

We all heard of letter combination GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation is EU’s way of ensuring we value and protect the confidential information given for us.

I want to give information to people who are interested in Lillan ❤ That means sending occasional email (normally quarter yearly) to Lillanees and want-to-be ones. The emails sent are only about Lillan news, providing discounts and reminders and information about Lillan.

Those who have inquired about Lillan via email but could not for instance fit their schedule to match Lillan’s available periods or those who have ordered Lillan Newsletter get their own message.

Those who are already familiar with Lillan and have stayed as my beloved guests get a little different email. Of course, since you already know how many ways Lillan can fill your needs and wishes, you stand a bit different ground. And, as a VIP Lillaneer, still slightly a different kind of a message ❤

So, here you go:

Register and Confidentiality Description of Cottage Rental Services – Lillan Housing, according to The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

The basis for Lillan Cottage Rental Services is to provide unique and charming leisure time in an old, atmospheric house near the sea shore. The time spent in Lillan itself and some of the services provided for vacation are chargeable. The informative emails sent about Lillan are free.

The information collected and stored are based to provide and refine the service given.

To read more, click here: Register and Confidentiality Description Lillan Housing

This description can be found also in the footer of every page at Lillan site ❤


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Just a little warm hello for the cozy and wonderful christmas time from Lillan.

All preparations done for Lillan guests enjoying their time at Lillan for this christmas. The atmosphere of Lillan so unique it is THE place to share your time there with your loved ones, especially on christmas.

A bit over a week to book your stay for the next year at Lillan for this year’s price. Maybe a wonderful present to give to your loved ones? To tell you’ve booked Lillan?

Just check the calendar and pay the booking fee in the web shop. And then wish your loved ones merry christmas with this wonderful gift!

I wish you a warm and cozy christmas ❤


Proud Member of Finnish Cottage Renters Union

Union for Finnish Cottage Renters has been set up. It serves both guests and owners of rental cottages.

The Union promotes high standards of cottage rental and works to improve knowledge and skills of both parties, as well as supporting its members in all cottage rental related issues.

As the ideology of the union sits more than well to the one of Lillan, it is now a member of that union as well.

Proudly promoting high standards of Cottage rental in Lillan ❤️

Lillan goes Asia

Greetings to all my dear Asian friends and Lillaneers want-to-becomes!

I want to make myself easily approachable. So, finding new and adjusting old channels to reach you and to be reached.

For Chinese: I know Weibo is the thing for you! But, unfortunately, I cannot make an account there because I only have Finnish phone number. So, instead, I made the second best option: WeChat. My ID there is LillanHousing. Welcome to message me anytime! But please remember, I cannot kanji. Except for these:



🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!

And to my dear Japanese friends: I learned you like system called co-Trip. So, tripping and tip-tapping myself through your hiragana and katagana, here I am!


Please come, follow and like #LillanHousing in co-Trip! Hope to hear from you soon, 友達 さま! ❤

What I heard was that Koreans love to read information of places worth visiting from blogs. So, Lillan already has a blog in English. Hope to hear from you soon! And for you to find it and to know you are most welcome here, a hashtag specially for you:


And for my dear Taiwanese: I learned you like to search info and look things especially from Instagram. So, now, finally Lillan has its own Instagram account

And for all of you, of course Lillan is also in Facebook ❤ Come to say hello!

Easy Bookings


I want your stay at Lillan to be easy and comfortable. It starts already at the booking phase. All you need to do is

  1. Choose your favourite period of stay at Booking Calendar
  2. Check its availability
  3. Pay reservation fee*.

Easy does it!

I’ll reserve your period from the calendar and get back to you asap for your wishes and requests about your stay.

Warmly welcome to Lillan!

* for VIP Lillaneers no reservation fee. Just contact me directly

Stay a longer period – it pays off!


There is so much to see and to do at Lillan and its close-by areas. I want to reward you who understand the value of this and want to invest their time for the real luxury – for a leisure time. Or for a work in amazingly inspiring surroundings.

Hence, updated the Official & Fees page as follows:

Book for a week, get 7. day free, so you’ll pay only for 6 nights.
Book for two weeks, get 13. & 14. day free. You’ll pay only for 12 nights.

Year 2018 will open for bookings at 2nd of October 2017.

For this year, there are still available days in September, October and November, even December. And due to one guest family’s changed plans Christmas is open for bookings. Who will be the lucky one catching that first?

You can book your stay by email, phone (+358505164543) or the form at Lillan Bookings page. Just tell your name, period of stay and any other wishes you might think.

I want to remind you for the beautiful, amazing nature and light at this time of the year. In addition to all the basic services running smoothly at Dalsbruk, there is a special sense of calm and peace as the Mother Nature itself snuggles for winter.

All the pictures in this post are taken at November. From September to October autumn foliage is amazing. For November, the magical light surrounds everything. And by December there is often already a thin snow cover.

And Lillan, of course, is warm and cozy all year round. As the days get shorter, the hygge of Lillan just amplifies.

Welcome to Lillan!