Your Information is Valued, Confidential, Protected and Safe

We all heard of letter combination GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation is EU’s way of ensuring we value and protect the confidential information given for us. I want to give information to people who are interested in Lillan ❤ That means sending occasional email (normally quarter yearly) to Lillanees and want-to-be ones. The emails sent are … More Your Information is Valued, Confidential, Protected and Safe

Sunny and Flowery

The beautiful sun has worked its magic again and Lillan garden has begun bloom. The wilder part of the garden has gone totally wild ❤ And the sound of some humming bees is lovely especially now we know how rare and needed they are. It’s time for the hammock to show up again, sure sign … More Sunny and Flowery

Open Doors at Lillan

At the September Open Sunday 10th of September 2017 there is also an Open Doors happening at Dalsbruk. There are several old houses with their personal names attending, telling their part of Dalsbruk’s history for some centuries. Old houses all have their own stories. Present owners are there to tell what they know and maybe … More Open Doors at Lillan

Lillan Newsletter

Finally! From this day on you can subscribe yourself to the Lillan Newsletter. Latest news, greetings, events and other important, somehow Lillan related news, directly to your inbox. Welcome to join in! And remember: sharing is caring. Wink of this lovely new feature to your Lillan-minded friend as well. Subscribe your own Newsletter here. Thank … More Lillan Newsletter

Historical pictures

Got copies of two old photos of Lillan from Dalsbruks Bruksmuseum. Well, all is relative – if Lillan has stood on its ground almost 300 years, these pictures are quite young ❤ They even used the other of the photos for this lovely book’s cover. Thank you Sagalund! (The house behind Lillan was called Råttfällan. … More Historical pictures

Mondo’s choice

At Lillan’s house map (which includes all the contact information, users manuals, passenger cards etc) has now a new sticker on its cover. Mondo has chosen Kimito Islands as the best place to visit. You are welcome too!