Nauti Lillanista ympärivuotisesti

Päivitys allaolevaan: Lillan on nyt vuokrattu pidempiaikaisesti. Jos haluat kuulla, kun se vapautuu seuraavan kerran, laitathan viestiä

Lillan vapautuu!

Pääset nauttimaan meren läheisyydestä, Taalintehtaan monipuolisista kulttuuri- ja muista tapahtumista, upeasta luonnosta ja historiallisen talon tunnelmasta jopa kesästä 2020 lähtien, jos olet nopea.

Lillan vuokrataan jälleen pitkäaikaisesti, vähintään vuodeksi kerrallaan välittävälle ja sitoutuneelle vuokralaiselle. Kalustettuna tai ilman.

1700-luvun hirsitalon henki on hyvä. Pieni puutarha vehreä ja satoisa. Meren alati vaihtuvat maisemat huikeat.


  • Vähintään vuoden määräaikainen vuokrasopimus, jonka jälkeen jatkuu toistaiseksi.
  • Kirjallinen vuokrasopimus.
  • Laaja vakuutus vuokralaisella.
  • Luottotiedot tarkistetaan ennen sopimuksen allekirjoittamista.
  • Vuokra 750€/kk, vuokralainen maksaa omat kulunsa kulutuksen mukaan vuokrasuhteen ajan (vesi, sähkö, jätemaksu ym).
  • 1kk vuokravakuus.

Jos olet nopea, ehdit nauttimaan vielä kesästä 2020 Lillanin ihanissa puitteissa!❤️

Laita viestiä tai 0505164543.

Your Information is Valued, Confidential, Protected and Safe

We all heard of letter combination GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation is EU’s way of ensuring we value and protect the confidential information given for us.

I want to give information to people who are interested in Lillan ❤ That means sending occasional email (normally quarter yearly) to Lillanees and want-to-be ones. The emails sent are only about Lillan news, providing discounts and reminders and information about Lillan.

Those who have inquired about Lillan via email but could not for instance fit their schedule to match Lillan’s available periods or those who have ordered Lillan Newsletter get their own message.

Those who are already familiar with Lillan and have stayed as my beloved guests get a little different email. Of course, since you already know how many ways Lillan can fill your needs and wishes, you stand a bit different ground. And, as a VIP Lillaneer, still slightly a different kind of a message ❤

So, here you go:

Register and Confidentiality Description of Cottage Rental Services – Lillan Housing, according to The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

The basis for Lillan Cottage Rental Services is to provide unique and charming leisure time in an old, atmospheric house near the sea shore. The time spent in Lillan itself and some of the services provided for vacation are chargeable. The informative emails sent about Lillan are free.

The information collected and stored are based to provide and refine the service given.

To read more, click here: Register and Confidentiality Description Lillan Housing

This description can be found also in the footer of every page at Lillan site ❤


Open Doors at Lillan

At the September Open Sunday 10th of September 2017 there is also an Open Doors happening at Dalsbruk. There are several old houses with their personal names attending, telling their part of Dalsbruk’s history for some centuries.

Old houses all have their own stories. Present owners are there to tell what they know and maybe even to hear more about the history of the houses.

And the names of the houses at Dalsbruk, then. Not were houses known by their location but by their names. In Sibirien (Siberia) it was almost always quite cold since it is located on a high bank by the sea. And Kärringslänktan (Hags’ yearning) there used to live the factory’s men still without wife and family.

The event was inspired by the book “Från Honolulu till Sibirien”, collected by the Dalsbruk village union.

I’ll take this book with me to the Open Doors at Lillan.

Lillan will attend, of course. It is one of the oldest houses still left in Dalsbruk. About its name I’ve already told in this post.

Picture of Lillan from 1920’s from the book

Other houses to attend and see are

Marmorpalatset (2 apartments and garden)
Nybyggningen (2 apartments)
Övre Kajlins (1 apartment + garden)
Stenkakola garden
Worker’s apartments in Bruksmuseums area

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Link to the event (in Facebook) here. Event is arranged by Saariston Kulttuuriseurue – Skärgårdens Kultursällskap.


Lillan Newsletter

Finally! From this day on you can subscribe yourself to the Lillan Newsletter. Latest news, greetings, events and other important, somehow Lillan related news, directly to your inbox. Welcome to join in! And remember: sharing is caring. Wink of this lovely new feature to your Lillan-minded friend as well.

Subscribe your own Newsletter here. Thank you, I’ll be in your mailbox soon ❤

Historical pictures

Got copies of two old photos of Lillan from Dalsbruks Bruksmuseum. Well, all is relative – if Lillan has stood on its ground almost 300 years, these pictures are quite young ❤

They even used the other of the photos for this lovely book’s cover. Thank you Sagalund!

(The house behind Lillan was called Råttfällan. They used to give names to houses and places in Dalsbruk – I’ll tell more about that in a new blog post ❤ )

Availability Calendar and Booking page finally here!

Hooray! Finally there is an automatically updating calendar where you can check if your favourite period to stay in Lillan is still available! Below, an example of the July this year right now. Then just write to the contact form your period wish and some extra notes if you want and click. Or call or email, how you like ❤ Welcome to Lillan!

Example page of the calendar