Mondo’s choice

At Lillan’s house map (which includes all the contact information, users manuals, passenger cards etc) has now a new sticker on its cover.

Mondo has chosen Kimito Islands as the best place to visit. You are welcome too!

About bookings

Hi all you dear ones.

I’ve got many questions how come Lillan is soo booked. Well, obviously, it is so lovely! Honestly, several of the bookings for this year have already been made last year. So wink wink, if you want to book the best season for the year 2017, book it now. For the price as it is now.

And speaking of which, I want to reward loyal Lillaneers. Thus, you who were a guest at Lillan last year – the starting year! – can book your stay at last year’s cost. Hooray❤️

Check suitable times for your stay here:Lillan availability 2016. Post updated as there comes any changes.

Availability of Lillan 2016

Hi you all dear ones!
At the moment (latest update 24of June) Lillan is available as follows:

Week 32 (8. – 14.8.) FREE
Week 33: Mon – Thu (15. – 18.8.) FREE

Week 34 -> FREE

That means that for example most of the lovely autumn weeks are still available, as well as some very nice weeks of this summer. You and your dearest ones are most welcome to Lillan ❤

(Would you like to have a calendar from which you could check the availability at the Lillan homepage? If you think that would be handy, please, let me know.)