Visited Ruukin Sauna

I had the honor to visit historic, newly renovated Ruukin Sauna this summer, invited by sauna hostess Henna Heinänen. What a true luxury!

The dressing room is roomy and full of light, its high ceiling and old details lovely.

Light and soft hammam towels are ready in line at the old drying line waiting to be wrapped around you.

The shower room is quite explicit. Stone on the wall changes colour as the water hits it, making the room change its outlook. Wonderful waterfall showers give soft, refreshing wash.

And the sauna then! Roomy benches with high level of carpentry. Non-direct light. Stove is the best there is, IKI-stove. Could not get any better than this.

After long sauna it is wonderful to have some glasses of water – or some other refreshments, to that matter.

I am very proud to have Ruukin sauna as cooperation partner to Lillan!



Since Lillan lacks its own sauna, I’m more than pleased to tell you about cooperation with Ruukinsauna, located merely 300m from Lillan to the old park of Dalsbruk.

This historical place is now totally renovated and will open 24th of June. Amazing place to enjoy and to relax in sauna, to have great buffet breakfast or to pop by for a coffee – or even to peak sauna’s own museum and little shop!
And, of course, Lillaneers get their own extra spark for this experience. If you are interested, I’d love to tell you more!