Rainy day

Today, heavy rain. A perfect weather for the cozy, hygge, mys Lillan provides. Listen the rain drops drumming on the greenhouse windows. Watch the nature suck the moisture into its marrow. Enjoy the fresh air. Cradle yourself on the sofa. Feel the luxury of clean linen on your skin. There’s no bad weather at Lillan. ❤️

Winter Holidays!

Would you like to enjoy these amazing views on your winter holiday? To live in a wonderful old, cozy house with all ease? To visit local lovely places – swimming, spa, sauna, downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice, nature? To eat well, selfmade or a la carte? To spend quality time, warm and lovely by fireplace? Then Lillan is your choice❤ Book your stay now!

Christmas preparations

Lillan has always its very special, unique and charming atmosphere. As the christmas is coming, even some hints of it have landed Lillan. Can you guess where this card bezel is? And how about the christmas elf, where does it sit?

Lovely blankets 

Warm, soft blankets. Almost in every room. To cuddle oneself in when chilly. Just love them. Here is the newest❤️ How many can you find in Lillan pictures? A hint: many😊