Festival Norpas

Dalsbruk was quite depressed and blue after the steel mill had quit. No more pipe whistles to rhytm your day. Insecurity of the future.

Then, small blinks of sunshine, of the brighter future. Rosala Handelsbod moved from Rosala to Dalsbruk, first by the marketplace. Positive, international, classy, beautiful. I was so happy! Rapt for all of us. This would start our new rise, I thought. Went and wrote a blog post of the Café and its charming merchants. With her permission, of course.

But even before that, there came a small and a bit weird (in a positive sense) festival: Norpas. First year 2012 it was not a lot more, to my recollection, than a big friend gathering at Dalsbruk, ultimating at deep and warm get-together at Dalsbruk’s Old Factory, Ismo Alanko using his amazing musical talents to guide listeners from one mood to another. With some exceptionally brave and imaginative artists to tune audience even more into this magical event.

Year 2013 Norpas was already a bit bigger. More events, artists and visitors. One of the audio-visuals especially hit my artistic nerve.  Year by year the Norpas Festival grew bigger and established itself. Somehow it still managed to maintain its inter-artistic and warm attitude.

Events take over the whole Dalsbruk centre area:

As well as the old interiors:

This year’s program here. Can’t wait to feel, live and breath Norpas again ❤