Stay Cool at Lillan

The wonderful heat wave just continues to linger at Finland. The temperature stays above 30 celsius degrees.

They’ve given a lot of common sense instructions how to keep the not-air-conditioned houses at reasonable temperatures. To keep windows and doors open at night and tightly shut with curtains down by daytime.

At Lillan it’s a bit different, though. Do keep all the windows and doors open at daytime, as well. The breeze from the sea is continuous and cooling. Let it swipe it’s refreshing touch through Lillan ❤️

World’s Best Air

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the air quality in Finland is the best in the world.


That is something one can totally relate on. Easy to breathe. Easy to fill your lungs with. Easy to enjoy.

Altogether the WHO compiled fine particulate measurement data from its database of more than 4 000 cities in 108 countries.

You can read the whole article from here.


And Lillan has got some special feedback of its fresh air, as well. Old log ceilings, wooden structure, stones at its feet. Nothing artificial. The house at its purest.

Welcome to enjoy Finland and Lillan. The nest of fresh air ❤


Ahoy Summer!

Oh boy, are we ready for summer ❤ The garden has started its amazing bloom again.

The wood is all piled up and drying to be packed in the wood shed at the end of the summer.

Let them now dry well there in the sun next to the shed ❤ (There was quite a lot work to get them there but it did feel good to see it done!)

Only few preparations left to do and then I can officially announce the summer period to have begun. So, ahoy summer, welcome!

Amazing Winter Sunset

Sun was already setting when I was on my way to Lillan. Decided to take a detour since the view look promising. It was definitely worth it.

When I made my way to Lillan, the sunset was there at this very familiar place also stunning.

Even Lillan itself was painted by sunset.

And the interior, then. Did not want to put the lights on since the colours coming outside were just amazing.

All these pics are with #nofilter. Just as it was.

Took even a short video from the shore. I hope you’ll come soon to see yourself these wonderful views!

Proud Member of Finnish Cottage Renters Union

Union for Finnish Cottage Renters has been set up. It serves both guests and owners of rental cottages.

The Union promotes high standards of cottage rental and works to improve knowledge and skills of both parties, as well as supporting its members in all cottage rental related issues.

As the ideology of the union sits more than well to the one of Lillan, it is now a member of that union as well.

Proudly promoting high standards of Cottage rental in Lillan ❤️

Blue and White Finland

Lillan has stood on its place when Finland was part of Sweden. And part of Russia. It has stood there when Finland became independent 100 years ago.

The Finnish flag song says about colors: blue as the sky, white as snow.

So many things in Finnish nature has those two colors.

The colors from Lillan shore.

The sky by the evening after the snow has come.

Lillan congratulates the firm ground it has stood for 300 years. Congratulations, 100-years-old Finland! ❤️

It was wonderful to meet!


Reading here the greetings from the Open Doors at Lillan. Not everyone left their message there but still I counted 95 names from the book! How lovely is that ❤

The first visitors came already before noon when the happening began and last ones left after 4pm when the Open Doors -happening ended. So wonderful to read all the comments:

Ihana tupa! Wonderful cottage!

Ihana nähdä Taalintehtaan toiseksi vanhin koti; ihanasti olet Sari sisustanut, vanhaa kunnioittaen, nykyaikaan sopiva 🙂
Lovely to see Dalsbruk’s second oldest home; beautifully you Sari have designed, respecting the old, suitable for modern age 🙂

Oli kauniit huoneet ❤ Rooms were beautiful ❤

Kaunista täällä! Beautiful here!

Even though the artist had painted Lillan house red in the map, many and many and many found the small yellow Lillan. So many wonderful discussions, longer and shorter, in those four hours!

But for me, the best of the happening was to hear parts of Lillan history. Who had lived there, what it looked like in those decades, how the life was back then.

And here was the greatest price for this event: a family that used to live in Lillan in years 1966-1974 had bought some photos from those days with them!

The Boy of Friman family on his first school day at Lillan stairs
The hand that I hold very warmly. Thank you Mrs. Friman ❤

Open Doors at Lillan

At the September Open Sunday 10th of September 2017 there is also an Open Doors happening at Dalsbruk. There are several old houses with their personal names attending, telling their part of Dalsbruk’s history for some centuries.

Old houses all have their own stories. Present owners are there to tell what they know and maybe even to hear more about the history of the houses.

And the names of the houses at Dalsbruk, then. Not were houses known by their location but by their names. In Sibirien (Siberia) it was almost always quite cold since it is located on a high bank by the sea. And Kärringslänktan (Hags’ yearning) there used to live the factory’s men still without wife and family.

The event was inspired by the book “Från Honolulu till Sibirien”, collected by the Dalsbruk village union.

I’ll take this book with me to the Open Doors at Lillan.

Lillan will attend, of course. It is one of the oldest houses still left in Dalsbruk. About its name I’ve already told in this post.

Picture of Lillan from 1920’s from the book

Other houses to attend and see are

Marmorpalatset (2 apartments and garden)
Nybyggningen (2 apartments)
Övre Kajlins (1 apartment + garden)
Stenkakola garden
Worker’s apartments in Bruksmuseums area

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Link to the event (in Facebook) here. Event is arranged by Saariston Kulttuuriseurue – Skärgårdens Kultursällskap.


It’s all about the details (she wrote)


I had just a wonderful family as guests at Lillan. Polite, friendly, respectful, tidy, trustworthy. All the aspects one just could hope for guests to have.

Mother of the family is an interior designer. When I heard of this, got a bit afraid. Would she like Lillan? Surely I do but I’m not official interior designer by education, even though I love it both as a hobby and as a profession.

She asked if she could write a blog post of their stay. Gulp. A moment of truth. What would she say? Would she judge my uneducated interior decisions? And then tell that to all the world! Oh my. Why of course, I whispered.

No need for my fear, after all. She wrote about “Charming summer villa Lillan” as her first Airbnb experience (post in Finnish). Briefly about Dalsbruk’s and Lillan’s history, then about  clean, fresh and calm atmosphere of Lillan.

Perfect holiday; serene feeling and fragrance of ocean.

Even my interior and renovation solutions got exalted. As I appreciate Lillan so much, real materials are a must to prove my honor for the long history of the house.

Lots of nice interior design ideas could be found in the house. I think the self-made bunk bed is just charming. — And the light toned bedroom is like gauzy breeze with its feather lamp and dragon tree.

And the praise continues. And continues. Even my self-made pregnant woman’s torso got mentioned. “Brilliant combination.” “Nice detail”. “Looks wonderful.” Oh sweet joy, I’m floating in the clouds of happiness.

The family had also visited Söderlångvik Mansion and some other Dalsbruk must-sees. Thank you SO much Ullamaija! ❤

PS. Lillan is well fit also for winter – hence not only a summer villa. Many generations have lived there all year round – including mine. So welcome, at autumn, winter and spring as well!