Light Dining

The part of the livingroom with the dinner table could be a bit murky, especially during winter times. So I purchased a suitable floor lamp there.

Now you can have more light if you choose to. Or, just enjoy the chandelier and other lights according to your wishes ❤

The lamp suites quite beautifully to Lillan interior. And what’s best, it’s easy to move. So for those of you wonderful Lillaneers who have been missing to have a reading lamp by the sofa, here’s the one for you!

Just tug gently and you have even more light at Lillan ❤

New table – and order – in the living room

Since the old dining table fitted comfortably only 8 persons, it was time to make some changes. The new table fits easily 10 persons but obviously took more space than the previous one. So, the piano changed to the other wall of the living room. How do you like the room now? I just love it!

Books, magazines and games

img_5634Do you see something nice in this corner of the livingroom?

Open the white doors behind the rocking chair and voilà: games, puzzles, books and magazines. In Finnish, Swedish and English.img_5639-1

For those rainy days or slumber mornings, long evenings or just to sit back and relax by the fireside.

Did not manage to finish the book you were reading? Just take it with you. And, if you have some leftover holiday books you don’t want to carry around with you anymore but think someone else would enjoy to read, feel free to leave it to Lillan bookshelf ❤

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New Carpet❤

The woollen carpet was lovely but quite wintry, christmasy even. I think the new jute carpet suites wonderfully livingroom couch area, don’t you?😊


Light light arrangements in Lillan livingroom 

A new floor lamp has landed.

 It has most wonderful, soft light.

The floor lamp previously in that corner has moved to the other side of the room, since it used to be a bit dark. Well, not anymore! Soft light available for dining as well.

 Nothing new in this corner of livingroom😊