After the storm


August storm, couple of years ago. After heavy rain Mother Nature served her best in a bit different form. Couldn’t believe my eyes for these beautiful views at Dalsbruk harbor. Have a walk with me and enjoy the scenery! #nofilter





(Not so) Stormy

They had promised quite stormy weather for the end of June.

My older children were at island Biskopsö on Treasure Island -camp. This was the day they were due to return. Of course, I was quite worried. How would the sea turn, would the trip turn out well?

Went to the Lillan shore. This was how it looked on its worst. It was actually very beautiful: the sun showed up and the waves had not-so-stormy spirit at all. The sea had exceptional green tone.


No wonder they have been using Dalsbruk gulf for centuries now. Quite peaceful and safe. Mostly it looked like this (the video does show upright even the preview is topsy-turvy. Click HD to see it more clearly):

​And the children came to Dalsbruk harbour safe and sound. Gear wet, tired but with a spread smile. All was well, again.