Amazing Winter Sunset

Sun was already setting when I was on my way to Lillan. Decided to take a detour since the view look promising. It was definitely worth it.

When I made my way to Lillan, the sunset was there at this very familiar place also stunning.

Even Lillan itself was painted by sunset.

And the interior, then. Did not want to put the lights on since the colours coming outside were just amazing.

All these pics are with #nofilter. Just as it was.

Took even a short video from the shore. I hope you’ll come soon to see yourself these wonderful views!

Ölmos at Sunset

One of my favorite places on the island is Ölmos. The official beach is nice and child-friendly. But the nature park starting from the beach is just quite amazing. Last night took a walk there and enjoyed the amazing sunset. Again, picture is worth of thousand words so here you go. Definitely worth visiting.