It’s all about the details (she wrote)


I had just a wonderful family as guests at Lillan. Polite, friendly, respectful, tidy, trustworthy. All the aspects one just could hope for guests to have.

Mother of the family is an interior designer. When I heard of this, got a bit afraid. Would she like Lillan? Surely I do but I’m not official interior designer by education, even though I love it both as a hobby and as a profession.

She asked if she could write a blog post of their stay. Gulp. A moment of truth. What would she say? Would she judge my uneducated interior decisions? And then tell that to all the world! Oh my. Why of course, I whispered.

No need for my fear, after all. She wrote about “Charming summer villa Lillan” as her first Airbnb experience (post in Finnish). Briefly about Dalsbruk’s and Lillan’s history, then about  clean, fresh and calm atmosphere of Lillan.

Perfect holiday; serene feeling and fragrance of ocean.

Even my interior and renovation solutions got exalted. As I appreciate Lillan so much, real materials are a must to prove my honor for the long history of the house.

Lots of nice interior design ideas could be found in the house. I think the self-made bunk bed is just charming. — And the light toned bedroom is like gauzy breeze with its feather lamp and dragon tree.

And the praise continues. And continues. Even my self-made pregnant woman’s torso got mentioned. “Brilliant combination.” “Nice detail”. “Looks wonderful.” Oh sweet joy, I’m floating in the clouds of happiness.

The family had also visited Söderlångvik Mansion and some other Dalsbruk must-sees. Thank you SO much Ullamaija! ❤

PS. Lillan is well fit also for winter – hence not only a summer villa. Many generations have lived there all year round – including mine. So welcome, at autumn, winter and spring as well!