New Rocking Chair

You might remember this rocking chair from your visits to Lillan or from previous pictures. It was lovely, suited Lillan’s rustic feeling well and it was old. Very old. Over 100 years. And that is a lot for a rocking chair.

And then, few days before New Year I got a message from Lillan:

Huomenta, I sat on the rocking chair in the living room and suddenly the back legs broke. 😕 please feel free to come and look at it.

Me, of course very worried if guests were okay, was relieved with their next message:

I’m ok thanks for asking. Just a little shock at the time but we laughed about it after 😀

Well. Everything was Ok except the antique rocking chair. So. Hunt for the perfect new rocking chair for Lillan began. Quite a few questions around and all of a sudden it was there ❤

Sure, it has signs of age. But it suites wonderfully to Lillan and it is very sturdy.

The more I look at it, the more beauty I see in it❤️

So welcome, my dear rocker friends – Lillan is again equipped for you!

To serve better

Dear Lillaneers and all want-to-become-ones!

I’m so excited to tell there have come lots of answers to the questionnaire about the most important things you are seeking when staying at Lillan.

I wrote the questions so that I could serve You even better. There are quite a lot of wonderful services, things to do and to see here. There are many ways to optimize your stay so that you can experience the right things for you, the ultimate things exactly you are longing for.

So, I’m creating stunning (in a positive sense, I hope) pages for the services. There you can click and choose either ready service packages or tailor your own – both are wanted.

NB: There is still some time left to give your input and leave your own mark to how I optimize services. To make good service even better.

So. Here is the same questionnaire again. Answer the short questionnaire below. If you want to leave your email, you’ll be participating in a lottery of TWO NIGHTS FREE STAY at Lillan! (Due 30th of April). Thank you already beforehand! ❤


Availability Calendar and Booking page finally here!

Hooray! Finally there is an automatically updating calendar where you can check if your favourite period to stay in Lillan is still available! Below, an example of the July this year right now. Then just write to the contact form your period wish and some extra notes if you want and click. Or call or email, how you like ❤ Welcome to Lillan!

Example page of the calendar


Christmas at Lillan

Make your christmas holiday best ever! Come with your loved ones to enjoy unique atmosphere and charming cozy feeling of Lillan. Christmas 2016 still available – book it for you and your dearest ones now!❤️