Nauti Lillanista ympärivuotisesti

Päivitys allaolevaan: Lillan on nyt vuokrattu pidempiaikaisesti. Jos haluat kuulla, kun se vapautuu seuraavan kerran, laitathan viestiä

Lillan vapautuu!

Pääset nauttimaan meren läheisyydestä, Taalintehtaan monipuolisista kulttuuri- ja muista tapahtumista, upeasta luonnosta ja historiallisen talon tunnelmasta jopa kesästä 2020 lähtien, jos olet nopea.

Lillan vuokrataan jälleen pitkäaikaisesti, vähintään vuodeksi kerrallaan välittävälle ja sitoutuneelle vuokralaiselle. Kalustettuna tai ilman.

1700-luvun hirsitalon henki on hyvä. Pieni puutarha vehreä ja satoisa. Meren alati vaihtuvat maisemat huikeat.


  • Vähintään vuoden määräaikainen vuokrasopimus, jonka jälkeen jatkuu toistaiseksi.
  • Kirjallinen vuokrasopimus.
  • Laaja vakuutus vuokralaisella.
  • Luottotiedot tarkistetaan ennen sopimuksen allekirjoittamista.
  • Vuokra 750€/kk, vuokralainen maksaa omat kulunsa kulutuksen mukaan vuokrasuhteen ajan (vesi, sähkö, jätemaksu ym).
  • 1kk vuokravakuus.

Jos olet nopea, ehdit nauttimaan vielä kesästä 2020 Lillanin ihanissa puitteissa!❤️

Laita viestiä tai 0505164543.

Stay Cool at Lillan

The wonderful heat wave just continues to linger at Finland. The temperature stays above 30 celsius degrees.

They’ve given a lot of common sense instructions how to keep the not-air-conditioned houses at reasonable temperatures. To keep windows and doors open at night and tightly shut with curtains down by daytime.

At Lillan it’s a bit different, though. Do keep all the windows and doors open at daytime, as well. The breeze from the sea is continuous and cooling. Let it swipe it’s refreshing touch through Lillan ❤️

Boat & Bikes

Many of you have inquiried for a boat to rent during your stay at Lillan. Now you can!

At the end of the Strandvägen, in the beginning of Gropshagsvägen, you’ll find this sweet little boat to go explore the nearby archipelago. Ask for keys preferably before you start your stay at Lillan ☀️

These excellent bikes can be found by Ruukin Sauna. They belong to Carfield chain so you can rent the bikes from one station and leave them to another. Handy, don’t you think? Also available in children sizes!

Wonderful way to explore Kimito Islands. Did you know you can take a bike to a ferry here for free?

And as you have a bike renting time, don’t miss Ruukin sauna, it’s wonderful food, sauna or ice cream that is so delicious words are not enough ❤ Or taste the great coffees Kyösti serves you. My favourite is Latte Macchiato, how about yours?

Ps. If you want to take your toddlers to a bike ride, you can! Just contact Ville Laitinen / NaturEffect and he’ll rent you this convertible 🙂 Or book directly from here.

No Car Needed (nor Wings)


Did you know you can easily reach Lillan also by bus from Helsinki or Turku? The new timetables for bus routes have been published.

Näyttökuva 2018-5-22 kello 6.09.33
Timetable Helsinki – Dalsbruk – Helsinki

Näyttökuva 2018-5-22 kello 6.10.38
Timetable Turku – Dalsbruk- Turku

*update: even more bus lines for all keen and lovely Lillaneers available!

The bus stop is approximately 300 meters from Lillan. So, actually, you don’t need a car to visit Lillan!

And if you are not that keen to travel by bus, you can always come here by boat ❤







Warmly welcome to Lillan – any way you prefer! ❤

Life Wisdom

Open your petals/wings/mind for the opportunities.

You don’t need to stand in a row to be beautiful.

It’s okay to bloom also in secret places.

Bloom and fruits await.

Enjoy contrasts.

Life wisdom by Lillan garden ❤

Loving getting Feedback

My dear Lillaneers are sweet and give a lot of feedback of their stay. It is always wonderful to read how well all has gone but also the improvement ideas are read thoroughly, since I’m striving to improve my service, all the time, all the ways.

Do you want to know what previous guests, already starred as Lillaneers, thought of their visit?

You can read Lillan Guestbook here.

I try to keep it up-to-date with the feedback given but sometimes it takes a bit time before I can update it. Don’t let that bother you – just keep on giving me feedback. I definitely read everyone of them and let their influence sink on me. Either to give that lovely warm feeling in my heart or to storm into action by a great idea. Nevertheless:

Your feedback is important and loved.

Thank you for giving me feedback, dear Lillaneers! ❤


Your Favourite View to a Postcard!

In Lillan there are always postcards to send your greetings from Lillan ❤ The old ones are running out. It’s time to order new ones.

Which one is your favourite?

Pick one and send your answer.
You can win a free weekend at Lillan!

One available two-nights will be lotted among those who have filled in their contact info.

Choose your favourite and send your answer!
Good luck ❤

World’s Best Air

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the air quality in Finland is the best in the world.


That is something one can totally relate on. Easy to breathe. Easy to fill your lungs with. Easy to enjoy.

Altogether the WHO compiled fine particulate measurement data from its database of more than 4 000 cities in 108 countries.

You can read the whole article from here.


And Lillan has got some special feedback of its fresh air, as well. Old log ceilings, wooden structure, stones at its feet. Nothing artificial. The house at its purest.

Welcome to enjoy Finland and Lillan. The nest of fresh air ❤


Ahoy Summer!

Oh boy, are we ready for summer ❤ The garden has started its amazing bloom again.

The wood is all piled up and drying to be packed in the wood shed at the end of the summer.

Let them now dry well there in the sun next to the shed ❤ (There was quite a lot work to get them there but it did feel good to see it done!)

Only few preparations left to do and then I can officially announce the summer period to have begun. So, ahoy summer, welcome!